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Bill Express is completely owned by GraceKennedy.

Bill Express is a multiple bill payment service operating in the markets of Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and St. Lucia. It allows customers to make payments to most utility companies including electricity, telephone and water bills in addition to several other billers including cable companies and internet service providers.

Bill Express is a product offering of GraceKennedy Money Services, agents for Western Union and owners of FX Trader, cambio and foreign exchange operator. GraceKennedy Money Services is a subsidiary of GraceKennedy & Co. Ltd.

Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada and Jamaica

Approximate numbers:

In Jamaica – 250 locations; In Trinidad & Tobago – 37 locations; In Guyana – 18 locations; In St. Lucia – 4 locations.

Yes, Bill Express ensures that an “Agency Collection Agreement” is duly executed before commencement of collections on behalf of a “Payee”

Customer payment information is sent to the Billing Company within 24 hours of receipt.

No, the fees for bill payment services are paid by the Billing Company. However there are costs associated with accessing other value added services offered by Bill Express.

Yes. The service fee is $55

Your ID is needed to verify your identity. This helps to protect customers from identity theft and unscrupulous persons trying to trying to conduct transactions in other person’s names. Please remember to keep all IDs valid (not expired).

When buying or selling foreign currency, only government issued IDs are acceptable such as Driver’s License, Passport and National ID (Voter’s ID). All IDs must be valid.

In asking for this information, the intent is never to invade our customers’ privacy. However FX Trader (according to laws established by the Bank of Jamaica) must be able to provide the Source of Funds information for all transactions over USD$1000 or its equivalent, if it is required. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding as we seek to comply with laws and regulations.

Customers may change any amount of money at FX Trader. A valid ID and Source of Funds information is required though; in order to be compliant with the law.

FX Traders will never disclose information on our customers to any third party unless mandated to do so by law.

All customers receiving transfers below USD1999.99 us or its Jamaican equivalent must have one form of Government issued Id. For amounts of USD 2000 and above, the customer should have a second form of identification/verification document. The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is a requirement to pick-up all receiving transfers. This number is unique to your transaction; ensure you have this number from your sender.

All customers collecting transfers must provide a government issued Id along with their TRN.

Yes. All customers receiving must provide the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), their sender’s name, where the money was sent from as well as the amount sent.

Transfers collected in Jamaica are paid only in the domestic currency.

Yes. All Western Union location are cash issued locations. We do not pay in the form of cheques. The only other way that money can be received is with our Direct to Bank service which sees money going directly to an NCB or BNS account.

No. Customers can utilize our Direct to Bank (D2B) services as an alternative. This way their money will be transferred directly to their bank accounts.

Yes. Transfers can be sent to any country where there is a Western Union location. However, there are some countries with limitations/restrictions.

Transfers being sent from Jamaica can be done using Jamaican, US or a mixture of both currencies.

While there are no limits to sending, there are special requirements when sending over certain amounts.

Yes. Customers who fail to produce all the required documents and information will not be able to complete the transaction.

As a regulated entity, all sending customers are required to declare the source of their cash, in keeping with the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Yes. Students under 18 can use their student Id to collect five hundreds USD (500 USD) or its equivalent. Student IDS cannot be used when sending a transfer.

We’ve installed recent guidelines for receiving money in Jamaica. We are 100% committed to helping protect all our customers from fraud…we’re committed to Protecting You!

Receiving money in Jamaica

  • Receivers in Jamaica can receive up to $5000 USD in a calendar month, regardless of sender(s).
  • Receivers in Jamaica can receive up to five (5) transactions of $250 USD or more in a calendar month, regardless of sender(s).
  • For the parishes of St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland, Trelawny, St. Ann and St. Elizabeth, each transaction of $400 USD or more will be reviewed and subject to approval before pay out.

While transactions under $250 USD do not count toward the total five (5) transaction limit in a calendar month, these principals are considered under the $5000 USD rule outlined above.

A consumer lending product from GKMS funded by GK Investments Limited.

Referrals will require:

  1. Government-issued IDs
  2. Proof of Income
  3. Proof of Address
  4. References (1 reference must be a family member who is not living with you)
  5. And J$200.00+GCT for the application fees

If the person is self-employed they must show bank statements or WU receipts for 6 months.

24-48hrs (also, timeframe is dependent of the verification of references)

Any of the 15 participating Bill Express Agent Locations below;

  1. DL Financial Services (Pavilion)
  2. Paper Gold Cross Road
  3. Prince Financial Services Ltd
  4. Stapharm Services Ltd (Barbados Avenue)
  5. Stapharm Services Ltd (Washington Boulevard)
  6. Andkar Finance Ltd (Portmore)
  7. BerryDon Financial Services
  8. Andkar Finance Ltd (May Pen)
  9. GSD Pharmacy
  10. Every Investment (Hometown FSC)
  11. Maxpay Enterprises
  12. Medimart Pharmacy (Whitter Village)
  13. TM&T (Heaven’s Texaco)
  14. P&C Macwell Santa Cruz
  15. Hopewell Liquors Ltd

An insurance feature that covers loan repayments for 2 months where the customer is unable to work due to serious injury.

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