Executive Management


Michelle Allen
Chief Executive Officer

On January 1, 2014, Michelle Allen was formally appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of GKMS (GraceKennedy Money Services) Group of companies.

Prior to this appointment, Michelle was the Chief Operating Officer (COO), GKMS, a role which she assumed in August 2012. As COO she was responsible for providing effective and inspiring leadership to the GKMS Team, while focusing...

Noel Greenland
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience

Effective January 1, 2018 Noel Greenland's was given the additional portfolio of Customer Experience. His new title is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience. He was formerly the Senior Vice President, Marketing & Operations, GKMS from August 1, 2012.

In his new role, Noel will continue to be responsible for providing visionary leadership and management to the...

Margaret Campbell
Country Manager

MARGARET CAMPBELL was appointed Country Manager January 1, 2018. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring the efficient operations of all the businesses within GKMS, as well as driving revenue growth and developing key strategic pillars in the evolving money services sector.

She joined GKMS in August 1996 as a Senior Accounts Clerk and has progressed through various roles including...

Michael McNaughton
Vice President, Business Development

MICHAEL MCNAUGHTON assumed the position of VP – Business Development in January 2011. He has responsibility for managing key business stakeholders; to identify, define and document agreed business concepts and opportunities. Michael is also responsible for providing product/project management support and leadership to cross-functional teams engaged in the implementation of diverse company-wide...

Trinidad & Tobago

Donald Edwards
Country Manager

Mr. Donald Edwards was appointed as Country Manager GraceKennedy (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited in April 2013, prior to that appointment Donald served as the Operations Manager of GraceKennedy (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited from July 2006.

Mr. Edwards was previously the Agent Network Manager of GraceKennedy (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited. He began his career with the Company in 1993 as...


Coleen Patterson
Country Manager

Coleen Patterson joined GraceKennedy Money Services (Guyana) Ltd. on October 2004 as the Operations Manager. Prior to GKMS, she held the post of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Representative at Shell Guyana Ltd.

In February 2007, Coleen was appointed Country Manager of Gracekennedy Money Services Guyana Ltd.